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Tue Feb 28

Do not use Getting Real if it means you’ll wind up killing people.

Matt Linderman

Sun Feb 26



Thu Feb 23

Rails core

Michael K. - I pulled a tobi
Michael K. - arrived 4 hours early for a flight
Michael K. - but I'm going to drink beer instead of write a blogging engine

Darting whales off the coast of Sable island

Remove that magic, and you’ve just got a green website.

Chris McAvoy

Wed Feb 22

The fact that 20 million viewers are riveted each week to the travails of a fictional community that feels both abandoned by the world and besieged by unseen enemies says a lot about where this country’s head is at.

Alex Pappademas on Lost


David and Ryan

It’s interesting how rarely the thing that’s wrong is the thing that’s wrong.

David Black

Mon Feb 20

Complaining is good. It’s the first step to learning.

Jeremy Kemper

Write once, run away!

Mike Clark on Java 5 generics

Thu Feb 16


Tobi in the papers

It kind of blew.

Joel on Software about Rails


Joris Laarman

Wed Feb 15

A Retort to Carly Simon Regarding Her Charges of Vanity

80% of things are allowed to be 80%.

Ryan Singer

Tue Feb 14


Jaded Pixel

Sun Feb 12

Tip How to design a language

  • take a simple lisp language (like one prior to CL).
  • remove macros, s-expression.
  • add simple object system (much simpler than CLOS).
  • add blocks, inspired by higher order functions.
  • add methods found in Smalltalk.
  • add functionality found in Perl (in OO way).

(A gem on ruby-talk)

I’d rather accidentally miss one good patch than let in three bad ones.



Judas Iscariot

Rails is Rails because of Ruby.


Sat Feb 11

Pity you have to look like a pouting artsy wanker to contribute.

Some .NET guy taking a shine to rails core

Fri Feb 10


Cloud Gate

If SwitchTower were a physical thing, Id kiss it. Assuming, that is, that it would consent to such an act.


Thu Feb 9


Rails core

Rick O. - bob silva is a ticket closing maniac, somebody give that man a raise

Wed Feb 8

Tip Print your code

If you get overwhelmed trying to refactor some code, print it out. Being able to look at several pages at once and to mark them up can help.

Or just buy a couple 30 inch cinema displays

MacBook Pro shipments delayed 3-4 weeks

Sorry, David.
When I first browsed through the bugs list, I felt a sense of sorrow for the core team members.

Bob Silva

Truly awesome touch-screen interfaces

Jefferson Y. Han’s work at the NYU Media Research Lab gives us a glimpse at what human-computer interaction might look like in the future. Be sure to check out the video.

The Dactyl/Fractal Zoom

Tue Feb 7

It’s peanut butter and jelly time.

Rick Olson


Texas state line

Chad Fowler is your new Emperor.

Alan C Francis

Mon Feb 6

Rails Core (Campfire)

Scott B. - can't touch this
Mike C. - hammer time
Michael K. - too legit
Chad F. - uh oh
Chad F. - (here comes tha heinemeier)

Sat Feb 4


A new era?

Songs to Wear Pants To

I make songs in any genre, for free or for money, based on instructions people send me.

Fri Feb 3

Tables within tables. I’m going to hell for this layout. God doesn’t look kindly on the non-css compliant (or so I’m told).

Bruce Williams

Thu Feb 2


Lola sleeping

Koz 2.0

Rails core just got a little more 2.0.


17:28 < chad> anyone know if there are any libs for PHP that give it rubyish array stuff?
17:28 < chad> specifically things like collect
17:30 < htonl> PHP has some array manip stuff like that
17:30 < htonl> but it's not as elegant as ruby
17:30 < htonl> it has array_map
17:32 < htonl> don't tell anyone i told you that
17:32 < htonl> i don't want people getting the wrong idea
17:32 * nzkoz saw that
17:32 < htonl> you didn't

Wed Feb 1


OK Cowboy


23:22 < htonl> i went to mardi gras and threw up in Razoo's ice barrels
23:22 < htonl> got tossed on the street where i was puking against the wall for a while
23:22 < htonl> then my friends found me
23:22 < nzkoz> sounds mild