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Thu Aug 31

Rails core

Rick O. - argh some genius just rear ended me
Marcel M. - one time i accidentally backed into this *pregnant* lady
Marcel M. - that was awkward (esp since her husband was with her)
Marcel M. - i barely tapped her but she was like 15 months pregnant
Marcel M. - that came out sounding wrong :\

Wed Aug 30

Tip Listen vs. Hear

To listen is to try to hear. To hear is simply to perceive with the ear, whether with effort or not.

Ditto watch vs. see.

Rails core

Michael K. - I don't really watch tv anymore, so much as see it being on

Tue Aug 29

A weird imagination is most useful to gain full advantage of all the features.

FreeBSD automounter daemon man page

Sun Aug 27


Playground in Columbus, Indiana

Sat Aug 26

If you’re searching for a short-term success, look for something that’s been failing for 20 years.

Paul Saffo at FOO Camp 2006

Tue Aug 22

Satire is dead in Silicon Valley.


Mon Aug 21

RFID mon amour

Interactive art without reinventing the wheel

Cute Sith Lord


Cute Overlord


Ryan S. - somebody should register cuteoverlord.com

Thu Aug 17


class String def unshift(string) self[0,0] = string self end end s = 'down the road' s.unshift 'Ease ' # => 'Ease down the road'

Tue Aug 15

With Rails, the split is that opinions go into core and options go into plugins.


Internet Soul Portraits

What remains when the content is gone?

Laura & Josh on the way to their wedding

Rails core

Nicholas S. - *sends his covers a ROLLBACK command*
Nicholas S. - night gents
Marcel M. - *crickets*
Michael K. - *crickets*

Mon Aug 14


Eating Mango + Acidito Pops in Wells Park

Sun Aug 13

I’m keeping you.

Grant McLennan

Fri Aug 11


Vibrating balls

Secret Radio Project

Listener submitted radio on Chicago’s WBEZ.
Our field is the next great 500 year idea after the printing press.

Alan Kay


Mon Aug 7

Boycott IE. It’s a cancer on the Web that must be stopped.

Paul Thurrott

Sat Aug 5

Rock Paper Scissors is not only a growing sports phenomenon, it also plays a critical role in international relations. It is hands down the most efficient vehicle of non-violent conflict resolution known to man.

Graham Walker of the Rock Paper Scissors International World Championships

Wed Aug 2

I read various critics who are saying that ruby has a very steep learning curve. My daughter disagrees.

Eric Knapp