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Wed Feb 28

I’ll be honest with you, I love Jesus but I drink a little.

Gladys on the phone with Ellen

Eric Schmidt learns how to speak in public

Everyone’s mediocre sometimes.

Tue Feb 27

In the beginning, it seemed like a dead end job. But at least I had a job. And frankly, it was easy. After two weeks, I knew all I needed to know, and it freed my mind. The job allowed me to dream about what my life could become.

Wayne Coyne

Mon Feb 26


Cartoon room in the Arte Luise Kunsthotel

I see some teams that use the word “agile” when they really mean “chaotic”.

Dave Thomas

Sun Feb 25

Rails core

Jeremy K. - I'm taking Trac down for a bit to convert to UTF-8
8:20 PM
Jeremy K. - back up
Marcel M. - thanks Jeremy
Jeremy K. - np it wasn't as bad as it looked
Jeremy K. - pg_dump trac | iconv -f 8859-1 -t utf-8 - | psql trac_utf8
Jeremy K. - looking that shit up took an hour though :p

Sat Feb 24

Wrap a predicate in an affirmative and a negative assertion

class Test::Unit::TestCase class << self def generate_assertions_for(predicate) # e.g. :user_list_available? # => user_list_available affirmative_assertion = predicate.to_s[/\w+/] # e.g. user_list_available # => user_list_not_available negative_assertion = affirmative_assertion.sub /([^_]+)$/,'not_\1' [ affirmative_assertion, negative_assertion ].each do |assertion_name| assertion_name[0, 0] = 'assert_' end class_eval(<<-EVAL) def #{affirmative_assertion}(*args, &block) assert #{predicate}(*args, &block) end def #{negative_assertion}(*args, &block) assert !#{predicate}(*args, &block) end EVAL end end end # Generate assertions for some predicate private def mail_sent? initial_value = GeneralMailer.deliveries.size yield initial_value < GeneralMailer.deliveries.size end generate_assertions_for :mail_sent? # Use the affirmative or negative assertions def test_creating_user_fails_because_user_is_invalid invalid_attributes = valid_user_attributes.dup assert invalid_attributes.delete(:user_name) assert_record_not_created User do assert_mail_not_sent do assert_error_message_displayed do post :create, :user => invalid_attributes assert_default_template end end end end

Things used and things hearted

Fri Feb 23

Square America

A gallery of vintage snapshots and vernacular photography.


Free hosting for tumblelogs. Way cool.

Wed Feb 21

Sky diving down the side of a mountain

Human glider.

Sat Feb 17

If we see a class as a restaurant, your illustration makes sense. But from my point of view, we don’t know the name of the restaurant, nor its menu. We just sit and cry for “Spaghetti!”, and sometimes the
waiter says “I’m sorry”.


Fri Feb 16


Marcy is my favorite avenue

Wed Feb 14

Great Poems About Sex

An anthology for Valentine’s day compiled by a former poet laureate.
Code that produces the effect of a rule without explicitly stating the rule forces us to think of step-by-step software procedures.

Eric Evans


Relationship Chart for Screenwriters

Mon Feb 12

A lot of overengineering has been justified in the name of flexibility. But more often than not, excessive layers of abstraction and indirection get in the way. Look at the design of software that really empowers the people who handle it; you will usually see something simple. Simple is not easy.

Eric Evans

Wed Feb 7

In the technocratically constructed, written, and functionalized space in which the consumers move about, their trajectories form unforeseeable sentences, partly unreadable paths across a space. Although they are composed with the vocabularies of established languages (those of television, newspapers, supermarkets, or museum sequences) and although they remain subordinated to the prescribed syntactical forms (temporal modes of schedules, pardigmatic orders of spaces, etc.), the trajectories trace out the ruses of other interests and desires that are neither determined nor captured by the systems in which they develop.

Michel deCerteau

Valsalva Maneuver

In medicine, the Valsalva maneuver is performed by forcibly exhaling against closed lips and pinched nose, forcing air into the middle ear if the Eustachian tube is open. This maneuver with slight modifications can be used as a test of cardiac function and autonomic nervous control of the heart or to ‘clear’ the ears (equalize pressure) when external pressure increases, as in diving or aviation.

Tue Feb 6

Apple Envy Siezes Microsoft

Why Microsoft and Sony are feeling the pressure from Apple and Nintendo.

Thoughts on Music

Steve Jobs calls for an end to DRM.

Sun Feb 4


Stuff on My Cat

Sat Feb 3

Availabism in Action

Availabism means using what you have around you as inspiration for your art and to create your art. It’s something you use to overcome obstacles that can normally block your creativity.