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Sat Jun 30

Sebastian Blomfield on the Electric Ukulele

Fri Jun 29

The user-friendly computer is a red herring. The user-friendliness of a book just makes it easier to turn pages. There’s nothing user-friendly about learning to read.

Alan Kay

Thu Jun 28


Coolidge High, Takoma Park, Maryland

Wed Jun 27

Li Beirut


Mon Jun 25

I’ve just gone down a bytecode k-hole. I’m command-I-ing everything in sight. It really is turtles all the way down.

Marcel on exploring Squeak’s implementation (in itself)

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Neutral Milk Hotel


Aircraft by Jeffrey Milstein

Module bundles

module ModuleBundle def self.new(*args, &block) module_bundle = Module.new(*args, &block) module_bundle.module_eval do callbacks_to_bubble_up = { :included => :include, :extended => :extend } bubble_up = lambda do |callback, method| module_eval(<<-EVAL, __FILE__, __LINE__) def self.#{callback}(klass) included_modules.each do |included_module| klass.send(:#{method}, included_module) end end EVAL end callbacks_to_bubble_up.each do |callback, method| bubble_up[callback, method] end end module_bundle end end UnixDetectionTools = ModuleBundle.new do include NetworkDetection include DiskDetection include HardwareDetection include OperatingSystemVersionDetection end class UnixWorker < Worker include UnixDetectionTools end

Sun Jun 24

code texture

marcel: i've been writing C code and i can only describe it as crunchy, for some reason
like crunchy thick riffs
patrick: not crunchy granola
marcel: no, not granola
crunchy amplitude
patrick: so it's like a sixties garage rock cut
wherease your ruby code is... ?
marcel: my ruby code is like those chicks who do gymnastics with bouncy balls and streamers

Cloth pile

Sat Jun 23

Don't Give Up

The Whitest Boy Alive


Hello Tarek

27 Forever

The Sixth Great Lake

No two languages are ever sufficiently similar to be considered as representing the same social reality.

Edward Sapir

Thu Jun 21

Naseer Shamma playing the oud one-handed

Wed Jun 20

Tip Never refrigerate tomatoes

According to Russ Parsons, you should never refrigerate a tomato as it will greatly reduce its flavor.

Embracing constraints: Wheelchair backflip edition

Tue Jun 19


I don’t know about your world, but my real world is more procedural and, sort of…throwing lots of exceptions.

David Black at the Boston Ruby User’s Group

Mon Jun 18

Field Music – In Context

Fri Jun 15

Things To Do



North Avenue Beach

I wonder if self-deprecation is how you get psyched in Japan.

why the lucky stiff

Thu Jun 14

Rails core

Michael K. - deep fried mars bars
Michael K. - I've seen those
Michael K. - even taken a bite..
Jeremy K. - A+++++++++++++++++ would take another bite

Astronaut Jim Reilly

Seadragon & Photosynth

Live demo at TED2007.

Wed Jun 13

Fully encapsulated class attribute

class Foo @@partially_encapsulated = {} class << self def []=(key, value) @@partially_encapsulated[key] = value end def [](key) @@partially_encapsulated[key] end end end Foo[:name] = 'Marcel' Foo[:name] # => "Marcel" Foo.send(:class_variable_get, :@@partially_encapsulated).clear Foo[:name] # => nil class Bar fully_encapsulated = {} self.class.send(:define_method, :[]=) do |key, value| fully_encapsulated[key] = value end self.class.send(:define_method, :[]) do |key| fully_encapsulated[key] end end Bar[:name] = 'Marcel' Bar[:name] # => "Marcel" # ??? # Challenge: Clear fully_encapsulated # without writing a C extension. # Hint: I have no idea if that's even # possible :) # UPDATE # # Scott Fleckenstein's clever brute # force solution: # http://s3.amazonaws.com/projectionist/scott-fleckenstein.txt # cf. # http://project.ioni.st/post/579#quote_579 # New challenge: Modify the hash without # replacing it :) # UPDATE # Robert Rasmussen taking brute force # to a whole new level: # http://s3.amazonaws.com/projectionist/robert-rasmussen.txt # UPDATE # Jim Weirich writes in with a great solution: # http://s3.amazonaws.com/projectionist/jim-weirich.txt

DIY multitouch for $2

Don't Stop Believing

Petra Haden

Tue Jun 12

Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” on the theremin

Mon Jun 11

Data Visualization of 7 recent Bright Eyes shows at Town Hall

It’s like you were actually there, with your roommates Edward Tufte and John Hodgman

Sun Jun 10

A chef will tell you that sharp knives are safer than dull ones, since they do not have to be forced.

Joel VanderWerf on open classes


Useless weaponry

Thu Jun 7


This was predicted over 2 years ago. And so a response was necesary.

Oxford Comma

Vampire Weekend

Wed Jun 6


Vespa LXV

Deep Blue Sea

Dan Rossen

Mon Jun 4

Women in Western Art


Marcel on the Racetrack Playa in 2002

Film & Video on UbuWeb

UbuWeb is a completely independent resource dedicated to all strains of the avant-garde.

Sun Jun 3

The thing I love about writing is you can put in an incredible amount of time compared to the time a person spends receiving it, and you’re adding value to the object during that time that you put in. So you know you can create something worthwhile.

Wallace Shawn


Lisa at White Sands in 2002


The Wrong Trousers

Sat Jun 2

Never express yourself more clearly than you are able to think.

Niels Bohr, Danish physicist

Sushi, in depth

[I’m] writing [an] outline for a presentation in November. For all I know by then we will all have flying cars and browser implants.

Christian Heilmann, via Twitter, on velocity

Fri Jun 1

Tip Infinity symbol key combination

Option 5

Best when overused.

Beanbag Chair

Yo La Tengo


Dreams of Flying

Facebook Problem

Kelly - My whole facebook page is Marcel Marcel Marcel.
Kelly - Haha.
Marcel - Because I clearly have a problem :(